Easter Bag Craft

Free Easter Basket Craft for KidsFor a FUN, FREE way to celebrate Easter this year (or every year) head on over to our Bunny Bag page.  There you can print out your own Easter Bunny for the kids to color and create.  When they are finished, cut it out and glue it to the front of a brown paper bag that has been cut to the size you desire.  Fill and enjoy!  Don’t forget to take a picture of their own, personalized Easter Basket!~

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Prince and Princess Finished PuppetsWe are so glad that you have found us here at Free Paper Bag Puppets.com!

This project began just over 2 years ago when I needed a paper bag puppet to take into my daughter’s kindergarten class. She was in charge of Rapunzel for story time and we were in charge of a craft or activity after the story that involved the entire class. I searched and searched the internet for FREE paper bag puppets and couldn’t find any! I found all kinds of paid subscription sites, but all I needed was 13 boy puppets and 13 girl puppets – a 1 time deal.

Finished Gingerbread Man Puppet

In desperation, I created my own paper bag puppets. When we got to the school, Miss Snow was RAVING about the puppets. She even asked where she could get more! I guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted puppets like those. So my little project began. I started with a few nursery rhyme puppets that I could use for my business website (http://www.Time4Felt.com) and has grown into a fun hobby for me and a great (and again FREE) gift for you!

Again, WELCOME and be sure to share our site with others! If you have a suggestion for a puppet that we don’t currently have, please email me and I will see what I can do!

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